Responsibly Produced Peat in process to grant certificate 

6 weeks period for comment for H├Áreda in Estonia

Responsibly Produced Peat intends to grant the RPP certificates to ERA Valduse Aktsiaselts for peat production location Hõreda in Estonia. The intended decision is based on the fact that the company meet the requirements of the RPP certification scheme version 2.0 for the location they applied for. Compliance with the criteria has been checked by an independent qualified inspector, including inspection at location.

During the period between the 15th of December 2021 untill the 26th of January 2022, Responsibly Produced Peat offers parties concerned the opportunity to provide comment on the proposed decisions on the location Hõreda of ERA Valduse Aktsiaselts

Questions and/or Comments can be sent to Without further objections, the certificate will be granted to the company for the location in concern after this comment period.

Please find the Documents for Comment here.