Vacancy field inspectors for RPP

Vacancy inspectors and content experts

including 1 lead auditor

To qualify for RPP certification, a peat production site must meet the requirements of the RPP
certification scheme. A checklist to the RPP certification scheme has been drawn up to verify this.
The completed checklist including required documents is assessed by an independent inspector who
performs a desk assessment and an inspection on site. The inspector then gives a recommendation
regarding certification.
Once a location is certified, a periodical inspection is performed every 5 years. The frequency of
inspections can vary and are not performed during the winter.

RPP is looking for candidates that are interested to become involved with RPP inspections.
Candidates can choose from 3 different levels:

  1. A content expert (helps the inspector with remote inspections, especially in the field).
  2. An inspector (a content expert who can perform independent inspections).
  3. A lead auditor (an inspector who reviews the inspection reports and recommendations of
    other inspectors).


Please find the full vacancy description HERE