Goals of responsibly produced peat

Leaving natural peatlands with high conservation value untouched

This is important for global biodiversity protection. Peatlands are environments with extreme conditions where only specific flora and fauna can survive. Peatlands also provide other important ecosystem functions, like regulating hydrology and carbon stock. With regard to climate change, it is priority to maintain the large stores of carbon in undisturbed peatlands. It is the goal of Responsibly Produced Peat to leave these natural peatlands with high ecological value untouched.

Assure the availability of peat, from responsible sources, where peat is  essential for growing media 

Peat is still a very important high quality raw material for substrates to grow vegetables, fruits, ornamental plants, mushrooms, flowers and trees.
At this moment some alternatives are available, but it is very difficult to find environmental friendly alternatives with the same valuable properties. Reliable alternatives are not yet  available in sufficient quantities to replace peat. If we want to feed the world, we are yet reliable of peat. By setting standards for responsible production, peat can be used where essential for application in horticulture in Europe.

Maximize peat production from degraded peatlands only and encourage restoration 

For these peatlands new opportunities for a healthier future arise by securing the best possible development after completion of peat production. Preference is always restoration which not only prevents ongoing CO2 emission, but also enables recovery of a functional ecosystem that can accumulate peat again. This way ‘Win-win’ opportunities are created for both, nature conservation organizations and peat industry.

Assuring availability of responsibly produced peat by leaving natural peatlands with high conservation value untouched

About our certified locations

European locations with Responsibly Produced Peat

Certified peat production sites meet all requirements defined in the RPP scheme. To this day, the Board of Foundation Responsibly Produced Peat granted the RPP-certificate to 29 locations.

The companies of these locations show commitment to the standards of Responsibly Produced Peat.

The map shows their geographical distribution.

RPP certificates issued

Period for comment on intended certification 

Before the final decission to grant the RPP certificate, during a period of 6 weeks, the Committee of Experts offers parties concerned the opportunity to provide comment on the intended advise for certification. 

The intended decision is based on the fact that the companies with these specific locations meet the requirements of the actual RPP-certification scheme. The fulfilment of the criteria is always checked on location by an independent inspector.

Intended RPP certification

How can you get involved?


To support the goals of Responsibly Produced Peat, you can support us in various ways

Certify your peat

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Use responsibly produced peat

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Ask for RPP certified substrates

Growers and other users of growing media

Become a supporter

Everyone who wants to support further development and implementation of Responsibly Produced Peat 

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