Companies in process of RPP certification

Foundation Responsibly Produced Peat intends to grant the RPP-certificate to the following companies:

Link to Document Company Location Area (ha) period ends at:
 For comment AS Jiffy Products Estonia  Ääsmäe  188,76 August 22-2022 
For comment  Griendtsveen AG  Svanaboda-Älmhult 60   August 22-2022 
For comment  Griendtsveen AG  Esterweger-Dose - Habichtsweg  30,73 August 22-2022  
For comment Griendtsveen AG Esterweger-Dose - Abessinien 150 August 22-2022
For comment Griendtsveen AG Esterweger Dose Abessinien Brinkmann Privat 156 August 22-2022
For comment Griendtsveen AG Esterweger Dose-Block 1-5  265,12 August 22-2022
For comment Jiffy Unitorv AB Liatorp 150 September 15
For comment AS Tootsi Turvas Kasesoo 205,71 September 15



Comment on intended certification

During a period of 6 weeks

Foundation Responsibly Produced Peat offers parties concerned the opportunity to provide comment on the proposed decision for certification.

This intended decision is based on the fact that the company meets the requirements of the actual version of the RPP certification scheme. Compliance with the criteria is checked by a qualified independent inspector, including on-site inspection. After this comment period, the foundation decides on granting the certificate to the company for the location concerned. 

Questions and comments can be sent to