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Responsibly Produced Peat in process to grant certificate to Greenyard Horticulture Latvia

The Committee of Experts (CoE) of ‘Responsibly Produced Peat’ intends to advice the Board to grant the RPP-certificate to the company AS Greenyard Horticulture Latvia for the location Lambarte. This intended decision is based on the fact that the company meets the requirements of the RPP certification scheme version 1.1.1. The fulfilment of the criteria is checked by an independent inspector (ECAS) at location.

The RPP certification scheme version 2.0

With the implementation of chapter 6, the Chain of Custody, it was decided to adjust the entire certification scheme. This new version of the certification scheme will be valid as of March 1, 2018, and will remain the basis for decision-making to RPP certification for 2 years (till the 1st of March, 2020). During that time, new experiences may lead to adjustments in the next version.

Chain of Custody and the RPP label

Chapter 6 (Chain of Custody and use of the RPP label) is approved by the Board and will be implemented in the new version of the certification scheme.

RPP certificates granted to AS Kraver

The Board of Responsibly Produced Peat has recently granted three certificates to AS Kraver for the locations Soosaare II, Soosaare III and Tässi.

RPP certificates for EUFLOR GmbH!

The Board of Responsibly Produced Peat has recently granted two certificates to EUFLOR GmbH for the locations Aschhorner Moor and Wolfsbrucher Moor- stade.

Successful RPP workshop “Best practices of mitigation measures and practical experiences with RPP certification”

Which mitigation measures can you best apply to mitigate impacts of peat extraction? This was the central issue of the workshop Responsibly Produced Peat organized on Friday September 15 in Riga.

2017 09 14 : RPP will be present at the Baltic Peat Producers Forum 2017

Feel free to visit our stand at the Baltic Peat Forum on the 14th of September. We will be available to give you all information you need on how to certify your peat.

2017 07 26: Appreciation for input NGO in Responsibly Produced Peat (RPP)

Marcel Silvius is no longer involved in Responsibly Produced Peat. The Board of RPP thanks Marcel Silvius for his contribution to the development of ‘Responsibly Produced Peat’. At the same time the Board welcomes Frank Hoffmann to take position in the Board to continue the representation of Wetlands International.

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