3 RPP certificates for Jiffy Unitorv AB

Locations: Liatorp, Sånnaböke and Sejle Myr (Sweden)

Responsibly Produced Peat has granted the RPP-certificate to the company Jiffy Torv AB for the locations Liatorp, Sånnaböke and Sejle Myr in Sweden
This decision is based on the fact that the company meets the requirements of the actual RPP certification scheme, version 3.0.
The fulfilment of the criteria is checked by independent inspection which resulted in a positive recommendation for certification. During the 6-weeks period for comment, no objections or remarks were received from parties concerned.
Responsibly produced Peat congratulates Jiffy Unitorv with this achievement!

Contact information of Jiffy Unitorv AB or other companies with RPP-certified locations can be found on the page "Registered companies".