Get involved - what can you do?

Support Responsibly Produced Peat to become mainstream in Europe

What can you do?

Are you a peat producing company?

Certify your peat

Certifying your peat shows your commitment to responsible production of peat with respect to the environment.

The documents below will provide more information and get you started with the RPP certification:

To start RPP certification, download the application form and send this to

We will be happy to guide you completing the steps.


Old versions of the RPP certification scheme apply to applications before November 1, 2021:

Are you a growing media producer or trader in peat? 

use RPP-certified peat and participate in the RPP Chain of Custody

The RPP Chain of Custody (CoC) is developed to make sure that a guaranteed percentage
of the peat contained in RPP-labelled growing medium comes from RPP certified extraction sites.
For the trade in the raw material it means that no more RPP-certified peat can be sold than there has been produced

The RPP CoC is based on a 'mass balance' system, so RPP certified and non-certified peat can be mixed. The use of 'mass balance' is more feasible for companies to make the transition towards sourcing RPP certified peat. Meanwhile the availability of RPP certified peat will increase as more peat producing companies will have RPP certified locations.
Annual audit of all parties throughout the supply chain assures compliance with the RPP CoC (RPP certification scheme, chapter 6). For full understanding, read more about the RPP Chain of Custody in the documents below:

Participation in the RPP Chain of Custody starts with registration. Only registered companies can use the RPP-logo and put the company-unique RPP-label on the packaging of the products.
Companies that supply the non-certified peat within the Chain of Custody need to be RPP-registered or sign a due diligence agreement. 

RPP registered companies that use or produce peat are listed here:

Are you a grower, retailer or user of growing media? 

Ask for RPP certified substrates

An increasing group of customers chooses products made from responsible sources. To respond to their needs you can ask your supplier for substrates containing RPP certified peat.

You can also check where RPP certified peat is produced or used in substrates. Ordering products with the RPP label means you support our goal of achieving 100% RPP certified turf in these products.

Is your supplier not listed? Encourage your supplier by expressing your need for RPP certified peat.

Do you feel connected with RPP? 

Become a supporter to help further  development and implementation

The RPP certification system will create a market for ‘responsibly produced peat’ and thus effectively contributes to:

  • the conservation of valuable natural peatlands,
  • the acceptation for the use of peat in growing media where peat is essential. This is especially important during the current transition where increasing volumes of renewable materials are used for growing media.
  • the protection of the reputation of producers and users of peat.

Whether you are a company, organisation or person concerned with peat, you can actively support further development and implementation of Responsibly Produced Peat! To do so you will first need to register with RPP:

When registered you can use the RPP logo under terms and conditions defined in the certification scheme. Your logo and link to the website will be uploaded on the RPP website. You will be included in our direct communication about the latest developments within RPP.

We encourage you to register and show your support to RPP!

How to communicate RPP when using the  RPP-logo or RPP-label?


RPP has composed a document that describes the core values of RPP. Please use this information in combination with the RPP logo or label. If you would like to use another text, ask the RPP secretariat for advice and permission.

Below the document in 4 different languages: