Who we are

Foundation Responsibly Produced Peat is a non-profit organization to promote responsible and transparent production of peat resources

The history of the foundation

Increasing awareness of the importance for peatlands

Foundation Responsibly Produced Peat is the result of a general increasing awareness of the importance of peatlands for biodiversity and climate change. The growing media and peat industry, scientists and NGOs worked together and played an important role in the development of a mainstream certification system for Responsibly Produced Peat.

The Dutch government financially supported the development of a certification system for the responsible production of peat as a constituent in growing media. The first outline of principles and criteria for the peat supply chain was drafted and is now still used by RPP.

The principles and criteria were composed in close cooperation between private sector players from the peat industry and representatives of NGOs. Starting point was the “Strategy for Responsible Peatland Management” published by the International Peat Society.

Foundation Responsibly Produced Peat was formally established on 19 August 2013 and the board was installed on 6 September 2013 in Vilnius (Lithuania).


A balanced representation at all levels

Foundation Responsibly Produced Peat has a multi stakeholder governance structure. It is characterized by a balanced representation at all levels of the peat producing industry, producers of growing media, environmental NGO’s and scientists.

The Board, the Committee of Experts and the secretariat of RPP are responsible for the development, implementation and administration of the certification scheme. Inspection of the peat production sites is conducted by independent inspectors who are also qualified peatland experts.  

Our goal is to achieve mainstream application of RPP certification in the European market. Therefor we need the support of all stakeholders

Companies that already support our goal :