RPP Principles and Criteria 

The RPP certification scheme:

5 chapters on production and 
1 on the Chain of Custody.

Which locations are eligible?
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The advantages of RPP certification

Procedure RPP certification 

 For Peat producing companies

Application form 
RPP certification

 For Peat producing companies

RPP Registration agreement 

For companies entering the Chain of Custody or other organisations and persons 

RPP Certification fees

For Peat producing companies and the Chain of Custody


Responsibly Produced Peat has developed a toolbox which contains guidelines that can provide help during your certification process. Currently the toolbox contains 5 guidlines:

  1. Mitigation measures to minimize impacts of operations on adjacent areas with High Conservation Values (areas that need to be preserved)

  2. Methodology for hydrological monitoring

  3. Methodology for estimation of GreenHouse Gas emissions (CO2 emissions).

    Background information on the methodology for GHG-emissions 

  4. Decision tree to find out if undeveloped peat fields, adjacent to existing peat extraction areas, are mires with High Conservation Values.

  5. Overview results for Benchmarking 2019-2020 (Exceldocument)

    Overview results for Benchmarking 2019-2020 (Pdf Document)