Appreciation for input NGO in Responsibly Produced Peat.

The Board of RPP thanks Marcel Silvius

Marcel Silvius is no longer involved with Responsibly Produced Peat

As a result of a change in his working environment, Marcel Silvius laid down his RPP-Board function.

The Board of RPP thanks Marcel Silvius for his valuable contribution to the development of ‘Responsibly Produced Peat’. 

Marcel participated in RPP on behalf of Wetlands International, in a critical but supportive manner, looking for a win-win for the various interests. Marcel recognizes the importance of reliable and safe growing media for horticulture and other applications. Peat plays an important role in growing media, where RPP requires, inter alia, that peat excavation only takes place in already degraded areas. Marcel also strongly contributed to the RPP principle that (local) stakeholders are involved in defining the after-use, with strong preference for restoring ecosystem services in the area, including sphagnum growth. His successor in the RPP-Board is Frank Hoffmann.

Welcome to Frank Hoffmann

Frank Hoffmann appointed as a new member of the Board representing Wetlands International.

Wetlands International endorses the work of RPP and likes continue to contribute the balanced representation of various stakeholders.
Frank Hoffmann is senior Technical officer for Biodiversity and Corporate Relations at Wetlands International. He has a broad background in ecology, including peatlands and other wetland ecosystems. He has more than 15 years of experience in scientific research, government, commercial consultancy and non-for-profit conservation. Through working in various sectors, he has skills to bridge between corporates, conservationists and governments in various contexts.
RPP is confident that Frank Hoffmann can make an important contribution to the further development of the organization and the certification scheme.