Chain of Custody and the RPP label

 RPP certification scheme: Chapter 6

Chain of Custody and RPP certification of growing media

Chapter 6 (Chain of Custody and RPP-labelling of growing media) is approved by the Board and will be implemented in the new version of the certification scheme.

Untill the RPP certification scheme version 2 will be made available you can read here the explanation about the Chain of Custody.





The  RPP-label

Labelling of packed peat and growing media

The new RPP label can be used on the packaging of peat or growing media. The right to use the label is given by RPP to a registered company on the basis of compliance with RPP Chain of Custody (chapter 6) and checking the evidence given by the company. Companies producing certified peat are already registered and can ask for their label with a company spicific registration number. The exact conditions for the use of the RPP label are defined in the new vesion of the certification scheme.

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