New member RPP Board

Bert von Seggern

The Board of RPP has appointed Bert von Seggern to replace the position of Arne Hückstädt who was representing the field of growing media in the Board.

Bert von Seggern graduated at the University of Göttingen in Agricultural Sciences and has hold different positions in the production of horticultural growing media and in the raw material supply of peat and of green-waste within Klasmann-Deilmann. He has more than 30 years of industry experience and is also familiar with Life Cycle Analysis of growing media, corporate and product carbon footprint calculations, and renaturation of company owned peatbogs incl. paludiculture projects. 
Bert was one of the members of the Temporary Technical Committee (TTC) at the very beginning of RPP, before the Committee of Experts was installed.
Currently he is holding the position as Director Production & Sustainability and Authorised Officer at Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH.


We welcome Bert von Seggern in the Board, his extensive knowledge will be valuable for the development of RPP!