Successful RPP workshop in Riga

“Best practices of mitigation measures and practical experiences with RPP certification”

Which mitigation measures can you best apply to mitigate impacts of peat extraction?

This was the central issue of the workshop Responsibly Produced Peat organized on Friday September 15 in Riga.
Chapter 4 of the RPP certification scheme concerns site preparation and peat extraction. The certification scheme requires a mitigation- and monitoring plan based on an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) or Quick scan.
Experiences from scientists', nature conservationists and participants that work in the peat industry, were brought together to gain more insight and knowledge.
Presentations were given about the impact of drainage following multiple ecological parameters, practical experience with implementation of mitigation measures for RPP certification, and their use for restoration purposes.
After possible mitigation measures were collected, they were further discussed in two enthusiastic groups. The outcomes were presented to each other and collected by RPP. Working in this informal way and getting feedback from each other was very helpful.
Although it is clear that every extraction field is unique, and some solutions to mitigate impacts of peat extraction need a tailor-made approach, a toolbox with mitigation measures will provide guidance and information to develop a mitigation plan.

RPP has now made a start with this toolbox which will be made available before the end of this year. RPP thanks all participants for their valuable input.

At the end of the workshop there was also the presentation of Chapter 6 of the RPP scheme.
Chapter 6 concerns the chain of custody and the use of the RPP-label on product packaging. Principles and criteria are approved by the Board and will be implemented in the next version of the RPP certification scheme by the end of this year. For more information on this topic please contact the secretariat.

Are you interested in the presentations of the workshop? Please see the links below for author and title.

Dr. Ain Kull, University of Tartu, Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences, Department of Geography "Drainage effects on peatlands as seen through multiple landscape ecological indicators - the case of Estonia". [Click to read the article or to see the presentation]

Dr. Nerijus Zableckis/dr. Leonas Jarašius Lithuanian Fund for Nature
“LIFE PEAT RESTORE - Restoration experience of damaged and abandoned peatlands in Lithuania”. [Click for the presentation]

Mr. Bernhard Hofer Member RPP committee of Experts/consultant Hofer & Pautz
“RPP-experiences and considerations of mitigation measures”