Workshop RPP-certification in Latvia

How to certify your peat? 

Requirements for RPP certification explained to Latvian peat producers.

On the 12th of April, Responsibly Produced Peat held the workshop on RPP-certification in Latvia.
The requirements for RPP certification were explained in detail and translated in Latvian by an interpreter for better communication. There was plenty of space for interaction and good discussion that made it to a successful workshop.

At the same time this was an opportunity for RPP to become acquainted with the Latvian certification system (KRAS), developed and recently adapted by the Latvian Peat Association.
Responsibly Produced Peat got good insights in its requirements and the national procedures for licensing. Findings will be further examined to see where national requirements cover the RPP criteria which are developed for uniformity and communication on European level.

Responsibly Produced Peat is thankful to the Latvian Peat Association for great co-operation and involvement and help in preparation for the workshop! 

The checklist to the certification scheme was translated in Latvian and sent to the participants in advance. For those who are interested in receiving this translated version, please send a request to